Summer Events 2019

Posted on Wed 08 May 2019 in news by Kazuhiro Terao

There are lots of ML-in-HEP events in the Summer. Unfortunately most events had past deadlines for applications, but you might be able to sneak-in if you happen to be at the venue and know local organizers :) Anyway I list them here for future references.

If you are interested in contributing as a lecturer or a ML project/topic, let us know as there are events where we are contributing.

  • Machine Learning in Science and Engineering (MLSE)

    • Dates: June 10th-12th at Georgia Tech
    • The second-annual conference where highlights are given to methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and development of new machine learning (ML) algorithms for science and engineering problems. The aim is to bring together researchers from academia, government, and industries to share knowledge and experience to push the technology frontiers in the fields.
  • Computational and Data Science Training for High Energy Physics (CoDaS-HEP)

    • Dates: July 22nd-26th at Princeton University
    • Parallel Programming, Big Data Tools and Techniques, Machine Learning (technology and methods)
    • CoDaS-HEP provides a great mixture of hands-on sessions and lectures inviting both physics domain experts and computing experts from industries. The purpose is to educate young students/scientists about computing techniques in general (yep! not just ML). I have participated in the first CoDaS-HEP 2017 as a guest lecturer, and saw really great hands-on session about Open-MP by a lecturer from Intel.
  • Fifth Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Summer Scool 2019

    • Dates: July 1st-10th at DESY, Germany
    • The school is aimed at young students/scientists and covers Machine Learning (ML) focused applications in High Energy Physics (HEP) from online data reduction to an offline full data reconstruction and analysis. This school collaborates with existing HEP experiments to organize topical data challenges, and some applications from the challenges may be fed back into the actual data analysis (exciting!). I plan to attend as a lecturer: shoot me an email for details if you are interested in!
  • Deep Learning for Science School (dl4sci)

    • Dates: July 15th-19th at LBNL, 2019
    • Target all range of scientists (from students to senior researchers), LBNL Computing Science organize this event to put physics domain experts with machine learning engineers at LBNL. Like all other events, mixture of hands-on and lectures. This is a nice opportunity to build a connection with strong ML team at LBNL as well as getting started on using the NERSC super computing center.
  • Hammer and Nails - Machine Learning & HEP

    • Dates: July 30th - August 8th at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
    • Invitation-only workshop (but will full travel support), 60-minutes talks followed by an hour or two intense discussion among experts from all HEP frontiers. Lots of good ideas and connections are built in the first workshop, and the one this year is for the second attempt. I plan to attend as a speaker.
  • New York Scientific Data Summit (NYSDS)

    • Dates: June 12th-14th at Columbia University
    • General Registration is still open
    • Initiated by Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) Computaional Science Initiative, the purpose is to bring togehter domain expert researchers, software/algorithm developers, and end-users from academic/industrial sectors to push forward data-driven discoveries and innovations. Our member Georgia Kargiorgi is one of the orgnaizers and you should ask her for more details!

... many of these have fairly young events, started only several years ago if not entirely new from this year! But they seem to catch good enough attention and continue to grow. I'll certainly keep my eyes on and you might also want to!

Also, though not directly related, let's remember two periodic funding opportunities:

  • U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) award

    • Twice an year, DOE accepts applications to support US Ph.D students for visiting and staying at the US national labs for carrying a research project relevant to their Ph.D thesis topic. The deadline for this round is... today 5PM ET :D Another round this year will happen with a deadline around November. Stay tuned!
  • American Physics Society Visitor Awards

    • Provides up to 10 awards for 1-3 weeks visits and up to 5 awards for 4-6 weeks visits for researchers traveling to another institution (University/Labs) to perform a collaborative work for fundamental physics innovations. Three cycles per-year: March 15th, July 15th, and November 15th.